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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

These things must be done...delicately!

Explaining how to properly put on stockings or pantyhose may sound silly. But you'd be surprised at how many pulls and runs can be avoided by taking very simple precautions. Here is a list of things to do and look out for:

* If you need a garter belt or another constricting piece, such as a corset, put it on now.
* Make sure your feet are well moisturized, and that your toenails are trimmed and free of hangnails.
* Take the same precautions with your hands. To be extra safe, you can use hosiery gloves to protect your stockings from your hands.
* Grasp the opening of the stocking, and slowly gather the stocking into your hand. * Continue down the leg until you have the whole leg bunched in your hands and your fingers have reached the toe.
* Put your foot into the stocking. Make sure the stocking isn’t twisted. If you have a reinforced heel and/or toe, make sure everything is in the proper position. * If your hosiery has a back seam, ensure that it is positioned correctly along the back of your heel.
* Slowly pull the stocking up your leg. If you have a back seam (or other vertical decoration) you may find it helpful to do this in front of a mirror so you can check for squiggly lines as you go. If the seam is crooked, don’t pull on the stocking into position when it is already in your leg. Roll the stocking down to the area of the squiggle and carefully begin to pull the stocking up again with the line straight.
* If you are wearing pantyhose, tights, or thigh-highs, you’re now done! If you are wearing stockings, it’s time to attach them to the garter belt.

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