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Friday, May 29, 2009

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wedding Lingerie Tips from Naughty and Nice Lingerie

It’s that time of year again - Spring has already sprung and the Summer is full of social gatherings. This is the season for bridal affairs! And when a bride wants to look her best, she needs to start with foundation (and we are not talking about covergirl here)! Here are some great tips for both the brides and the grooms!

Tips for Brides
Your wedding lingerie needs to work hard and play harder ;) - these lovely underthings have a gorgeous shine and will cinch and accentuate those curves under your amazing dress.

Backless and Strapless Bras: 25.00
Lacy Bridal Thong: 8.99
Seamless Convertible Bustier: $29.00
Lace Garter Belt: 12.00

Tips for the Groom
You need an ultra-special gift for your new wife. It needs to be momentously gorgeous, "naughty and nice." Naughty and Nice Lingerie's Bridal section is full of great ideas, sure to make your wedding night (and any night) like your first time.

The Ultimate Lovers Kinky Wild Night-in Kit with Bag: 36.00
Victoria's Secret Heart Bag w/ games & chocolate body paint: 24.00
Tease Bodywear Sexy Bridal Set: 35.00

Maid of Honor & Bridesmaids
You have a job to do - look gorgeous, help the bride and dance with the best men. Better not let them see you sweat!

European Lace Bra Set: 23.00
Embroidered Lace Corset Set: 32.00
Diamond Bra Strap Accessory: 11.99

Visit my Bridal section for more ideas and my store home page at to see what's new and eye catching!

Monday, May 18, 2009

How to Host a Lingerie Shower!

Summer is almost upon us, and that means it's wedding season! If you are hosting a bridal shower soon, you might want to consider a lingerie theme - after all, a bridal shower is the perfect time to treat a bride-to-be to some pretty things to take on her honeymoon! After you’ve finalized the guest list and set a date (and made sure that the bride is comfortable with the theme..which you know she will be!), it’s time to start working on the details that will make this bridal shower truly special.

To have a party like this, the bride must be willing to give up her sizing information so her guests can purchase things that will actually fit her! This is a great time for her to head out for a professional fitting if she hasn’t had one lately. You can include the sizing information with the invitations, or the bride can create her own wishlist of items she is in need of! She can set up a wishlist on sites like, which let her add any item from any website (such as to her wishlist.

Now it’s time to send out the party invitations! There are plenty of lingerie-themed invitations available. I provide lingerie party postcards, but if you want something extra special, I have heard that has some unique and relatively inexpensive stationary from a wide variety of sellers. Some sellers have invitations specifically designed to include a page of sizing information! Be sure to specify the theme on the invitation.

The party itself should be pretty, decadent, and feminine, just like lingerie! Be sure to include flowers, wine, and candles. The little details will make the difference here - everyone expects snacks, but your guests will be impressed if you use lingerie cookie cutters to make on-theme desserts. If you plan to play shower games, you can even reward winners with lingerie. Of course, you don’t know what size the winner will be, a great idea would be something that is one-size-fits-most! You could also give away gift cards to places like When it’s time to say goodbye, send your guests home with a pretty party favor. You could hand out lingerie drawer sachets or inexpensive one-size-fits-most stockings. When I host a party, I normally give away lingerie mesh laundry bags..these are great and are useful since most women wash their lingerie in a washing machine, since we just don't have the time to hand wash anymore!

Have fun at your party, and if you live in Northern New Jersey or very close to it, email me at to book your party! We can do showers, or just a girl's night in party with a twist..a bbq for the summer months, or a pool party featuring great swimsuits from my site at Email me for more details!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

British Women Wash Bras 6 Times a Year??

How often do you wash your bras? A recent survey found that British women seem to only wash their bras six times a year! This may not be a problem at all if you own a large number of bras - the more bras you own, the fewer times you’d be wearing them between launderings. But the same survey found that women own about 16 bras and wear them, on average, 7 times before bothering to wash them! Even Vivienne Westwood has admitted that she never washes her bras! Hmmm..not sure how I feel about this! I don't want to be insulting, but I couldn't do that!

Most lingerie professionals agree that while you don’t have to wash your bras after every wearing, you should wash after 2-4 wearings (allowing each bra at least one day of rest in between each wearing). Of course, you should use your own good judgement with this (I have to wash after each use just because I personally wouldn't feel fresh wearing it again without washing)- you’ll have to wash more frequently if you’ve been sweating excessively or wearing perfumes or lotions. When laundry day does come around, a good rule of thumb is to hand wash using a detergent specifically made for lingerie - but be sure to check your bra’s care instructions first. A good lingerie detergent will actually help your bras stay in good condition for a longer time because it will help revitalize the elastic.

But who has time to hand wash? So if you wash your bras in a washing machine, be sure to fasten the hooks and put them in a lingerie bag. Wash all like items together. In an ideal world, you would wash all your lingerie separate from your regular clothing. Set your washer to the most delicate cycle and use cool water. Most lingerie detergents will have machine washing instructions on them, so be sure to consult the bottle. After the washing cycle is complete, hang your bras or lay them flat to dry. Never ever put your bras in the dryer! The heat will destroy the elastic and your bras will die an early death!

Looking for lingerie bags or lingerie carousel dryers? You can find them at!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Check out the RackTrap!

Are you always searching for small items that always seem to disappear into the dreaded "bottom of your purse" area!? You know, that place that is so dark and cluttered that you can't be bothered when you need something?

Well, you can stop getting frustrated because now you can keep all of these easily lost items close to your chest, literally.

Just store all the little things you need during the day at a moment's notice in the safety of a secret pouch that fits right in your bra. The Racktrap is made of hypoallergenic material, that is made in the USA and will fit in any size bra — no matter how large or how small. It's an undectable purse pocket! Plus, you'll feel safe knowing that it's safe and securely protected! Besides, the name itself sold me!

Interested? Check it out at

Monday, May 11, 2009

Breast Cancer Petition on the Lifetime website!

I received this in an email, and normally believe these are all hoaxes and not worth my time. But I did take the time to check the link and found out there is an actual petition on the Lifetime channel's website, so I thought this was too important not to post.

A mastectomy is when a woman's breast is removed in order to remove cancerous breast cells/tissue. If you know anyone who has had a mastectomy, you may know that there is a lot of emotional and physical discomfort and pain afterwards. Insurance companies are trying to make mastectomies an outpatient procedure. Let's give women the chance to recover properly in the hospital for 2 days after surgery.

According to the Lifetime Website:

Breast Cancer Petition: Protect Breast Cancer Patients from "Drive-Through" Mastectomies

The Bipartisan Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act Needs Your Support!
This week Representatives Rosa DeLauro (D-Connecticut) and Joe Barton (R-Texas) and Senators Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) will re-introduce the bipartisan Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act in Congress. Thanks to its viewers, Lifetime has so far collected more than 23 million online petition signatures urging Congress to pass this critical legislation, which would end the practice of so-called "drive-through" mastectomies when women are forced out of the hospital only hours after invasive breast cancer surgery.

Help restore patient and consumer rights to breast cancer patients and their families:

Sign Lifetime's growing petition. Lifetime will continue to deliver the signatures to Congress and make your voice heard.

Call or write your members of Congress and ask them to support the Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act. You may reach your member of Congress by calling the U.S. House of Representatives switchboard at 202-225-3121. To find your representative in Congress, go to:

Here is the link to the Lifetime Website where you may sign the petition:

Imagine a look in a patient's eyes when a Doctor tells them they have to go home with the drains, new exercises and no breast(s).

So there this doctor sat with a patient giving them the instructions they needed to take care of themselves, knowing full well they didn't grasp half of what I was saying, because the glazed, hopeless, frightened look spoke louder than the quiet 'Thank you' they muttered.

This takes about 2 seconds. PLEASE PASS THIS ON to your friends.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I just wanted to take a quick moment to wish all the wonderful moms out there a Very Wonderful Mother's Day!

Moms are a species of women who work hard, are self sacrificing and carry the load of being a "Jack of all trades!" You have to be a mom (and you have to make the booboos all better), a wife (and make him feel like a man), a worker (and bring home the bacon), a friend (with that shoulder to lean on or those harsh but true words to help a sista out), and then, if you have time, you have to be yourself! It's a thankless job on most days...but not today!

Thank you mom! Keep up the great work!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Souffrez Pour Moi "Decorates" Your Skin

I read about this lingerie in an email I get everyday. It was strange and I have never heard of it before and thought it would make for an interesting read.

This collection, designed by Ninette van Kamp, is called Souffrez Pour Moi which translates to “suffer for me.” The pieces look like regular lingerie at first glance - they’re interesting and pretty. But on the inside, there are seams, beads, and textured fabric which create imprints on the skin when you wear them. After you take these pieces off, you will have temporary designs all over your body.

The website where these were found says,

“Using luxury fabrics and materials these special jewel-encrusted undergarments explore how beauty and suffering are subtly intertwined.”

If this sounds like something you are into, you can order from and expect your pieces to arrive within 2-4 weeks. However, the prices are only available upon request (which seems kind of strange to me). If they end up quoting too much, I’m sure you could get a similar effect with your favorite panties and a Bedazzler - lol!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sexy Beer Cans - Something You Never Expected!

WhenI came across this beer, I was floored. I don't even like beer, but I can see myself with this one!

Ramm ND developed these beer cans, which are interesting enough on their own. But the real charm is when the can is combined with another identical can - they develop the illusion of a pair of panties, a garter belt, and patterned fishnet stockings! The only problem is…once you drink a beer, the image is lost! Can you imagine! LOL I don’t know if, or where, these are available for sale. Check out this picture so you can see what I mean!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Spotlight on the EBSTG Charity Event: Send a Kid to Camp - COURKIDS

One of the Ebay groups I happen to be involved with has taken on something not many Ebay groups can say they have done. They took Ebay groups to a whole new level by doing charity auctions! For the month of May, EBSTG is donating to Project Camp, Inc dba The Center for Courageous Kids. Participating group members will be listing a number of active auctions with sale proceeds to benefit The Center for Courageous Kids. A percentage (10 - 100%) of each auction that is sold will donate to the cause. This organization has been registered with Ebay Giving Works since 2006. EBSTG is proud to join forces with this organization, in an effort to send one or more kids to camp this summer!

The Center for Couragous Kids mission is to "uplift children who have life-threatening illnesses by creating experiences year-round that are memorable, exciting, fun, build self-esteem, are physically safe, and medically sound. No child or family will pay to attend camp. The camp will be funded by donations from individuals, foundations, and corporations with a heart for children." Visit their website for more information at

You can help this wonderful cause by clicking on the banner below and bidding on any of the items listed. The event started May 1st, so not everyone has listed their auctions yet (including me).

Please check back often to find out what has been listed. Your support is very much appreciated! We did a similar charity event in December that raised a few hundred dollars for Hurricane Ike relief through the Ebay Giving works charity program. We hope we can surpass that and help out a few kids!

Do you remember a special summer memory or positive camp memory that still remains with you? Why not pay it forward by supporting this cause. If you cannot help financially at this time, you can help by just spreading the word...either by tweeting about it, blogging about it, or referring friends to the search link associated with the banner above. You can even spread the word by sharing the link to this blog. Thank you for your support and any help you can lend!
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