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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Survey Says: UK Men Prefer Pajamas Over Skimpy Lingerie

Full pajama sets have come out on top in a UK survey of the sexiest nightwear, beating lingerie and negligées to the post.

The study, conducted by Ergoflex UK, found that men find button-up sleep shirts and elstic waist pants more attractive on their female partners than skimpy bras and briefs.

The mattress manufacturer attributed this result to the "cuteness" of pajamas and the fact that "modesty was an attractive trait in a partner".

The company said in a blog post: “Whether our survey will spark a nationwide ditching of skimpy lingerie in favor of a more comfy nightwear choice we’re not so sure, but we were glad to see that practicality won the day when it came to bedtime.”

“Nightwear can be a surprisingly complex choice when considering sleep quality, and the decision of what to wear when climbing between the sheets is just as important as any other sleep-related issue. You could have the most relaxing bedroom environment along with the most supportive and comfortable mattress, but if your nightwear isn’t right then you’re jeopardizing your chances of a good night’s sleep,” Ergoflex added.

Over 1,900 UK men took part in the survey as part of research into bedtime habits and preferences.

When asked: “What types of bed wear do you find most attractive for members of the opposite sex to wear to bed?" 37% of participants voted for full pajama sets, while lingerie took 32% of the votes.

NegligĂ©es followed closely behind with 27% of the votes, beating borrowed men’s pajamas and t-shirts, which took 22% of the votes, while 16% of men find their partners sexier when they go to bed naked.

I honestly prefer to sleep in pajama sets, but I love to get dressed up in skimpy lingerie. What do you prefer to sleep in? And do you think our US men feel the same as their UK counterparts?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Save 30% off the Tease Bodywear Flash Sale!

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Survey Says: American Bra Sizes Are Getting Bigger

Customer surveys and sales data from lingerie company Intimacy have revealed the average American bra size has grown from 34B in 1983 to 34DD in 2013.

Shopping and style website Racked conducted additional research into sizing, discovering the average bra size purchased by customers to be 34E. The site also learned other retailers, like Cosabella, are now offering larger band sizes than ever before, going up to a 38 for C, D and DD cups.

However, retailers are not convinced breasts have grown as much as the statistics would indicate. Instead, they believe expanded size offerings, particularly in upmarket lingerie, combined with more awareness of proper fit, have lead to women buying larger bras.

A representative from Intimacy explained that “instead of forcing D+ breasts into A to D cup bras, women are beginning to purchase larger cup sizes that actually fit properly.”

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Leave your comment below about these stats.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Faris Lingerie Sale: 40% off! FOUR DAYS ONLY!

Hello Lingeristas and those who love us!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Get Reacquainted With Naughty and Nice Lingerie's Old Friend, The Corset!

Ahhhh...the corset.  Nothing has stood the test of time in lingerie, like the corset.  Probably one of the first pieces of "lingerie" ever created, it sought to achieve the ultimate hourglass look at any cost.  Many women fainted while wearing them because they couldn't breathe in them, since they were so tight.

Today, unlike many lingerie items, corsets favor women with some softness. Without it, there’s less ability to dramatically nip in the waist and create the hourglass shape corsets do so well. In fact, while a corset can often alter the waist by 3-4 inches (more on someone who are used to them) an athletic build with little body fat can generally only achieve a 1-2 inch difference.

When fitting a woman with implants in an overbust, the lacing has to be looser at the breasts because there’s less opportunity for the flesh to be shaped. You might want to guide the augmented toward underbust styles.

I think that many women do not take the opportunity to show off there curves anymore with a corset.  I know, it can be difficult to put on, but with the many different styles in lace up, zip up and hook up, get reacquainted with this old friend and have fun dressing up!  You can even just wear it as a top with your favorite jeans!

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