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Monday, August 24, 2009

Meet An Adorable New Etsy Shop: Skip to My Lue!

Skip to My Lue is one of Etsy's newest shops. The "doors" were opened in May 2009 by Denielle Lue. The shop features handmade items for women and babies. Denielle is a married mother of two wonderful kids, a 6 year old daughter and a 9 year old son and recently celebrated her 11th wedding anniversary.

Denielle spent many years trying to find just the right hobby. She's tried beading, scrapbooking, sketching, crocheting and knitting and didn't really stick with any of them for too long. About 3 years ago she took a quilting class with a friend and has been hooked on sewing ever since. She enjoys creating anything that involves sewing. Her most recent projects consist of custom drapes, Buttercup Bags, totes and baby items.

The picture above shows some fabulous reusable snack bags, which would be great for kids, travel and more! You have to check out this store for yourself to see what I mean! I normally right about lingerie on my blog, but every once in a while, I throw a curve ball because of something that I think is special...

For more information visit Skip to My Lue's blogsite at or support the shop at Additional pictures of her work are also available on Flickr at

Monday, August 17, 2009

Maternity Bra Fitting Guide

I hope you have already check out my earlier post about bra sizing tips in an attempt to help you find your correct bra size. But if you’ve become pregnant (or plan to), you’re entering a whole new world of bra fitting! There are unique challenges to determining your bra size when you are pregnant or nursing, and HOTmilk lingerie have shared some maternity bra sizing information with everyone. Here are their suggestions:

"A well-fitting bra is incredibly important during pregnancy and nursing. During these times in a woman’s life, there are noticeable changes in your breasts - they will become heavier, may be become fuller during pregnancy, and more sensitive during nursing. You need more support during this time, and it’s important that you are fitted by a trained professional. Most traditional lingerie rules don’t apply to maternity or nursing bras and you need a professional bra fitter to help you make an appropriate choice - do NOT just buy your old style in a bigger size! It is recommended that you see a bra fitter 3-4 months into your pregnancy, and again at 7 months (as well as any time you feel that your bra is restrictive or doesn’t fit well).

When choosing a bra, look for one that provides excellent support and flexibility (to allow for fluctuations in breast size). Slide your hand into the upper cup section to guage whether there is enough room for you to expand and/or insert breast pads. The cups should be comfortable and provide good coverage. The cup lining should be cotton, and seams should not irritate your nipples. Be sure that you can undo the maternity clip easily and with one hand. The A-frame should sit comfortably across the top of the breasts. The opening should be large enough to expand, and should not cut in to your skin. Make sure that there is enough overlap between the top of the cup and the A-frame cutout. If there is a gap, this may mean that the cup is too small and the breast is straining the cup. Look for a bra whose cup drops down far enough for feeling. The could should sit lower than the A-frame at the center front so it drops down further.

Just like any bra, your breast tissue should not be bulging over the top of the cup or at the underarms, and the cups should not wrinkle. The back should not ride up or cut in on your back. The straps should rest comfortably on your shoulders. The decision of whether or not to wear underwires when you are pregnant or nursing is a source of some controversy. Many lactation consultants recommend against underwire bras for nursing mothers, as they can restrict the growth of the breast during pregnancy and can put pressure on the breast, leading to blocked milk ducts."

Many thanks to HOTmilk for providing so much wonderful and helpful information! HOTmilk is a great choice when looking for maternity and nursing bras because they are not only comfortable and supportive, but sexy as well! HOTmilk bras are specially designed to provide gorgeous support and coverage all the way up to a G cup.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Go Green With Rebates!!

Normally I write my posts about lingerie related items, but this week, I wanted to change it up a little. Without getting political, as a world, we need to take this "green thing" a lot more seriously. No matter what you believe, whether it is a fluke of mother nature or a man made disaster, we need to take steps to try and slow down the degeneration of our Earth.

The Government has recognized this and has taken steps to do their part. The CARS or Cars Allowance Rebate System is a program to encourage consumers to trade-in their "gas-guzzling" vehicles and purchase a new, fuel efficient vehicle. When purchasing or leasing a new vehicle, the consumer will receive a $3,500 or $4,500 discount at the dealership!

There aren't any signups or registrations to complete (except when your registering your new car at the dealership)! Qualified consumers may participate in the CARS Program between July 1, 2009 and November 1, 2009 or when authorized funds are no longer available. Dealers must provide consumers with any other advertised rebates or discounts in addition to the credit they receive through the CARS Program. So now is the time to do your homework and save! Take advantage of dealership discounts combined with the Government rebate! If your car has had it, here is your chance to get a fabulous car at a reasonable price.

The program is designed to energize the economy; boost auto sales and put safer, cleaner and more fuel-efficient vehicles on the nation's roadways. For more information or updates on the program status, check out

Saturday, August 1, 2009

National Underwear Day on August 5

For the past six years, Freshpair invaded New York City with fashion shows, underwear-clad models, and New York City underwear giveaways. Last year, the fashion show was a celebrity-studded renegade sidewalk show! Darn it, I missed it!!!

In it's seventh year, the National Underwear Day celebrations are a little different. They have moved online so all of us can join in the fun! There will be underwear contests, huge sales, and giveaways sponsored by 2(x)ist, Calvin Klein Underwear, Diesel, Wacoal, and Natori all throughout the month of August. Over twenty brands will participate in exclusive events in celebration of the day.

So let's celebrate at Naughty and Nice Lingerie! Here's what you can do to get in on the action!

* Go to my site, located at and note the items you would love to add to your lingerie closet!

* Email your order (do not order through the website) to

* I will invoice you through paypal with a 15% discount off the Ebay listed price and include a free gift and free shipping within the USA!

How sweet is that! Plus I may have other sales going on! Check out the site for great Back to school PJ's for your college teen or for yourself! Or maybe you have a special occasion coming up that you may need special shaping or eye catching foundations for! Whatever it is, it is at Naughty and Nice Lingerie!

* Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Email me with any questions or concerns. This offer will be valid throughout the month of August, but respond quickly, so your items don't get scoop up by a fellow lingerie lover!

Let the party begin!
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