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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Naughty and Nice Lingerie's "Bring Back the Sexy" Giveaway on

I am sorry that I did not posted this sooner.

I wanted to thank everyone who participated in the Naughty and Nice Lingerie Valentine's Day Giveaway. We had a lot of entries. I enjoyed reading everyone's entry, but I had to choose ten finalists. Thos ten finalists each received a small gift as a thank you for their participation and candor in my giveaway! The ten finalists were (by blogger names):


It wasn't easy picking winners, and I actually picked two other winners that were not on the list. They had to be disqualified, because I had no way of contacting them. Several people didn't leave there email addresses for contact. I was able to search (high and low) for most of the email addresses. Luckily, I love Google!

Anyway, from these ten finalists, I chose one lucky lady to win the VS robe I was giving away. the winner was captaincarebear. Her story went like this:

"Most of the Valentine's Days in the past have been comprised of the usual romantic dinner, jewelry, flowers, and some evening romance. My husband has always worked hard to make it special for me. I also want to make it special for him by doing things that get him excited. So this Valentine's Day is going to be a little different. It's going to be all about my man. I'm going to start it off with one of his favorite activities, sports. He loves it when we play a game of tennis, catch, or biking around town. Instead of my regular sports bra and beat up t-shirt I'm gonna wear some short shorts (hope it's not too cold but I do live in the south) and my cutest bra in a tight fitted shirt. I'll let him take a peek now and then (by "accident") just to peak his interest. Then to continue the make a man feel good day I'll do something else that he appreciates- change some lightbulbs, sweep out his garage, clean his car, all inappropriately dressed of course. Hey any woman can look sexy on a ladder or with a hose and a shammy. If you are taking care of your man, then he'll always take care of you. After that, we'll be kind of hot and sweaty so of course a shower is in order. He loves it when I take a shower with him and soap him down in those hard to reach places. Next stop, taking care of his next basic need, food. I'll probably take him to the local sports pub where the girls are dressed so cute. I'm not jealous, they will just get him more excited and he'll take out his excitement on me later. I'll let him choose his favorite man foods- wings, burgers, beer, whatever keeps him happy. Then on the ride home, a little more physical teasing (not too much- he will be driving after all). Then I'll end the night with a warm massage and well, you know the rest. Enough said."

This was a great story because she seemed to be going out of her way to please her man, not only with the basic physical appeal, but with mental appeal too! I loved how she is going to really 'work' on getting him mentally aroused and then take control over the physicality of the evening!

Well, again, I thank all the participants and I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine's Day! Please be sure to check out my store at to bring the sexy back into your relationships today and everyday!

Have a great one!
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