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Monday, November 16, 2009

Book: Underneath It All

I received an email today discussing the new book Underneath It All: A girl’s guide to buying, wearing, and loving lingerie, written by lingerie boutique owner Jennifer Carroll and lingerie lover Kathy Schultz. So I starting researching about the book, since it intrigued my interest. I understand that the book itself is small (it could easily be slipped into a handbag) and a quick read. But what about the contents?

I heard that Underneath It All is probably best for someone new to lingerie or someone who is trying to overhaul her lingerie wardrobe. While I was doing my research and checked the index of the book, I was pleasantly surprised to read some of the excerpts and the titles of the chapters. Some of the chapter titles include a brief history, your lingerie style (from simple to seductive...hmm..I like that line), Lingerie 101, Sizing matters (which covers the importance of wearing the correct bra size), Bare essentials (no..not the makeup), Behind closed doors (how to dress for sex-cess), Bridal lingerie, and lingerie longevity (care for the undies). I am really interested in the behind closed doors chapter, since not many books actually address dressing for your partner. You have to love your lingerie, but what about satisfying the partner and yourself aswell??

I think this book takes a different approach to everything. In fact, I understand that in the beginning of the book, you take a sort of lingerie personality test, which is then used to help you identify the styles that might best suit your lifestyle and tastes – including what might catch your eye and also which specific brands may be good to start with. It's only a guide, but may prove to be helpful.

While the book does talk about the benefits of wearing lingerie as part of your everyday life (You look good! You feel good!) it seems that most of the information is centered around helping you pick which pieces to buy and wear. Underneath It All also discusses which shapes and styles are best for your body type, so you can nail down your most flattering choices. The back of the book features a helpful directory of some lingerie boutiques (sorted by US state) as well as online retailers. Sadly, I didn't make the book...the nerve!

Even still, I put it on my wishlist and look forward to getting this and other books. I try to learn all I can about lingerie and I love it! I soak up the information like a sponge. I want to be the best lingerie seller I can be, and books like this are helpful.

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