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Monday, August 17, 2009

Maternity Bra Fitting Guide

I hope you have already check out my earlier post about bra sizing tips in an attempt to help you find your correct bra size. But if you’ve become pregnant (or plan to), you’re entering a whole new world of bra fitting! There are unique challenges to determining your bra size when you are pregnant or nursing, and HOTmilk lingerie have shared some maternity bra sizing information with everyone. Here are their suggestions:

"A well-fitting bra is incredibly important during pregnancy and nursing. During these times in a woman’s life, there are noticeable changes in your breasts - they will become heavier, may be become fuller during pregnancy, and more sensitive during nursing. You need more support during this time, and it’s important that you are fitted by a trained professional. Most traditional lingerie rules don’t apply to maternity or nursing bras and you need a professional bra fitter to help you make an appropriate choice - do NOT just buy your old style in a bigger size! It is recommended that you see a bra fitter 3-4 months into your pregnancy, and again at 7 months (as well as any time you feel that your bra is restrictive or doesn’t fit well).

When choosing a bra, look for one that provides excellent support and flexibility (to allow for fluctuations in breast size). Slide your hand into the upper cup section to guage whether there is enough room for you to expand and/or insert breast pads. The cups should be comfortable and provide good coverage. The cup lining should be cotton, and seams should not irritate your nipples. Be sure that you can undo the maternity clip easily and with one hand. The A-frame should sit comfortably across the top of the breasts. The opening should be large enough to expand, and should not cut in to your skin. Make sure that there is enough overlap between the top of the cup and the A-frame cutout. If there is a gap, this may mean that the cup is too small and the breast is straining the cup. Look for a bra whose cup drops down far enough for feeling. The could should sit lower than the A-frame at the center front so it drops down further.

Just like any bra, your breast tissue should not be bulging over the top of the cup or at the underarms, and the cups should not wrinkle. The back should not ride up or cut in on your back. The straps should rest comfortably on your shoulders. The decision of whether or not to wear underwires when you are pregnant or nursing is a source of some controversy. Many lactation consultants recommend against underwire bras for nursing mothers, as they can restrict the growth of the breast during pregnancy and can put pressure on the breast, leading to blocked milk ducts."

Many thanks to HOTmilk for providing so much wonderful and helpful information! HOTmilk is a great choice when looking for maternity and nursing bras because they are not only comfortable and supportive, but sexy as well! HOTmilk bras are specially designed to provide gorgeous support and coverage all the way up to a G cup.
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