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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Quick Bra Checkup - Q & A

When was the last time you made time for a proper bra fitting? This is a crucial step in maintaining a healthy lingerie wardrobe, and is particularly important if it has been more than one year, 10 pounds, or one pregnancy since your last fitting. It’s like getting a routine exam at the doctor – it can be annoying and uncomfortable disrobing in front of a stranger, but it’s crucial if you want to feel (and look!) your best. For a quick checkup you can do right now, ask yourself the following questions:

* Do you have impressive cleavage? Unless you are wearing a bra style specifically made for creating cleavage (like a push-up or plunge bra), your breasts really shouldn’t be shoved together. This is a common mistake because so many lingerie models themselves are actually wearing bras that do this, so it’s hard for the average consumer to know that it’s wrong! The underwire and center gore of your bra should sit against your breastbone, separating your breasts. If it doesn’t, your cups are likely too small. Cleavage is great, just make sure you get it the right way – with a well-fitting bra in style made for this effect.
* Have your straps fallen down today? Something is wrong. There is a chance that the solution is as simple as tightening your straps. But if this is a common problem for you, it is more likely that your band is too big. When your band isn’t tight enough, it can ride up your back, decreasing strap tension and resulting in the annoying and embarrassing strap fall. Try a bra with a smaller band size and see if that helps (and remember, for every band size you go down you must go up a cup letter to maintain the same cup fit).
* Does your bra create unflattering back fat? Your band probably doesn’t fit. When a band fits correctly (i.e. when it fits snugly and remains parallel to the floor throughout the day), back fat greatly diminishes. Excess bulges can be caused by a band that is too tight or too loose. A good bra fitter can help you determine which problem you have.
* Is your underwire poking you? The cup is probably the wrong size. An underwire will poke your breast tissue if the cup is too small, and will poke your underarm if the cup is too large. It is also a possibility that this cup simply isn’t the right shape for you – try different styles and brands.
* Are your breasts falling out the bottom of your cups? Your band is too big.
* Are you suffering from a double-boob effect? Your cups are probably too small.
* Do your cups wrinkle? Your cups are probably too big.
* Are you just plain uncomfortable? Are you counting the minutes until you can take your bra off? A well-fitting bra is not uncomfortable. Your breasts are supported and nothing pinches, pokes, or rubs. If you fling your bra off the moment you get home, it doesn’t fit. If you can’t determine the problem from the examples above, a qualified bra fitter can help you. You should probably stay away from mall chains and be sure to visit a good boutique or reputable store with a wide range of sizes and certified bra fitters.
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